why hire a doula?

isn't my husband the coach?

When you hire a doula, you are hiring someone who's there just for you. A doula complements the clinical care provided by nurses and doctors, by becoming the 'final touch' to the team.

During a hospital birth, nurses and doctors do not stay continuously with you. Nurses must split their time between several patients and other responsibilities, while doctors are present only at crucial times throughout your labour (often it is not your doctor; it is the "on-call" doctor).

Faced with the uncertainty of labour, many women find enormous reassurance in having a doula by their side. Women are often anxious about their upcoming labour and birth as there are so many "unknowns".

What if the unit is extremely busy? Will I have a fast labour or long, drawn out labour? How will my partner hold up under the pressure? How will I react to the pain?

In fact, research has shown that women who have continuous support throughout their labour tend to have shorter labours, with fewer interventions and greater maternal satisfaction.

experience makes a difference

You do not have to play the game to be a good coach, but you do have to know HOW to play the game! While prenatal classes certainly provide invaluable information as to what to expect, it does not provide parents-to-be with the experience, which only comes with experience!

The expectant mom-to-be may feel like the blind leading the blind with her partner at her side. The doula also provides support for her partner, which allows the partner to participate at their own comfort level. The birth partner and doula complement each other (the partner says "I love you" and buys the jewelry, the doula massages the mom, helps with breathing and relaxation and provides lots of other comfort measures!).