why wendy?

  • Since starting her own private nursing practice, For Baby and You, in 1997, Wendy has been a doula to over 300 moms and partners.
  • Wendy has worked as a maternal/infant nurse in all the major birthing hospitals in Toronto, providing her with the opportunity to work with many doctors and nurses. Although you do not have to be a nurse to be a doula (she is over qualified for the job!) and a doula does not provide clinical nursing care, Wendy is aware of the care that is necessary and acts as your advocate to see that you get the best care at the right time.
  • As a certified Lactation Consultant, Wendy is there to help with breastfeeding immediately after birth (a key time) and does a breastfeeding home visit after you go home. Through the prenatal breastfeeding class and constant supervision of breastfeeding in the first few weeks after birth, your breastfeeding experience gets off to the best start and will be a success story.

Contact Wendy for more information and to book Doula Services.