prenatal classes

are classes necessary?

You bet they are! While labour and birth is often less than a day in your life, the birth of a woman's first child has an enormous lifelong impact on her. Women remember with incredible clarity the details of their births, fifteen to twenty years later (Simkin, P., Birth, 1991).

The better prepared you are, the more rewarding your birth experience will be. But most importantly, the knowledge gained in these classes will enable you to be the best patient advocate for you and your baby's well-being. No one cares more about you than you!

Parents-to-be learn:

  • what to really expect and do during labour, birth and those early days at home
  • breathing and relaxation techniques and comfort measures for you during labour and birth
  • pain management and medical interventions and options
  • breastfeeding: why it's the big deal and the "how-to's" of proper positioning and latching-on - essential for breastfeeding success
  • baby care, such as crying and sleeping-tricks of the trade to help soothe your baby (and you!)
  • ...and much more! (snacks served!)

All you need to know!

For Baby and You provides group classes in Wendy's home (located in the Bathurst and Eglinton area in Central Toronto – Free Parking!) or private crash-classes in your home.